About Hoists & Slings

Helping families, care facilities and individuals find the right care hoist is something that can really make a difference in an individual’s life and this is something we care very deeply about.

In order to find the right care solution, you must first understand the kind of hoists you require.

Different Types of Hoists

Patient hoists most commonly fall into three categories:

Stand assist hoists are designed to help the individual who can weight bear to stand and transfer, for example, from the bed to a chair or toilet.

Patient lifting hoists are designed for an individual that cannot stand and requires lifting to aid transfer.

Ceiling track systems are ceiling mounted and are designed to offer:

  • Higher lifting capacity
  • Unobtrusive lifting with no mobile hoist when not in use
  • Transfer from one room to another

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Lifting Hoist

When choosing a lifting hoist, consideration needs to be made for certain features, such as:

  • Is the hoist for single person use at home or is it a robust hoist that’s required for care home use for a range of users?
  • Physical size of the hoist and its storage when not in use?
  • Choosing a lift that has the correct maximum user weight for the user
  • The lifting range of the hoists. Do you need the hoist to lift from the floor?
  • Do you require hydraulic or rechargeable battery powered?
  • Are you using the hoist on carpets or vinyl/laminate type floor?
  • And finally your budget…

When choosing hoists consideration must also be given to the sling required, without a sling none of these lifting products can be used.

Types of Slings

When choosing slings one needs to consider:

  • The size of the sling
  • The fabric
  • The shape or design

This is very important as using the incorrect size can lead to a possible accident or injury. Different slings are designed to assist with different tasks such as toiling or patient transfer.

Our philosophy means that we put the end users first, so whether you're choosing a hoist or sling, a hospital bed, a care mattress or other items from our extensive range, we can help you find products of exceptional quality that perfectly suit you, your loved ones or your patients.