Apollo 5 Premium Airflow Mattress

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VAT exemption

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The Apollo 5 Plus Airflow Mattress is specially designed to offer exceptional comfort for those at extreme risk of developing pressure ulcers, as well as individuals with existing tissue damage.

The new and improved Apollo 5 Premium Airflow Mattress is a must-have for any care environment with patients who need effective pressure care. It provides an extremely stable surface so that you can safely transfer or handle them without risking injury, as well as 18 individual cells which adjust manually to fit each user's unique shape/size perfectly.

With its unique alternating therapy design, this mattress offers dynamic action for lower interface pressures and gentle capillary stimulation. And don't worry about humidity management because these mattresses have been designed by experts in order to prevent tissue breakdown caused by long periods of use or from excess moisture in warmer environments like hospitals.

This Apollo 5 Plus Dynamic Replacement Mattress is designed to maintain air flow and provide maximum comfort in most care or nursing settings. It comes with a durable, quiet pump that makes it easy to use for a prolonged period of time!

In case there's ever an emergency situation where someone needs CPR assistance fast then this mattress offers rapid deflation so that life-saving treatment can be administered in a timely manner with minimal interference.

Finally, with a zipped PU cover to help prevent fluid ingress and internal mattress contamination, this is one of the most durable sleeping surfaces around.

The simple removal process makes it easy for you to deep clean your mattress without having to worry about damaging it or reducing its effectiveness. This particular model can be washed at up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for fast and thorough decontamination.

Product Features

  • 30 stones weight limit
  • Very high risk
  • Full replacement system
  • Designed for users at very high risk, or have existing tissue damage ( pressure ulce grade 1 to 4 )
  • Manual adjustment to user's body shape and position for optimum pressure care
  • Dynamic therapy alternating action for lower interface pressures and gentle capillary stimulation
  • Humidity management to help prevent tissue breakdown and skin maceration
  • Enhanced shear and friction protection
  • Cover is easy to remove for easier cleaning
  • Clinically effective against bacteria / viruses, with proven resistance to MRSA
  • Fire retardant to Standards BS7175 Crib 5
  • Clear and simple controls reduces need for complex training
  • External air filters for easier maintenance
  • Removable cells and connectors for lower cost servicing
  • The mattress cover can be wiped down or completely removed and laundered up to 95°C to aid decontamination protocols
More Information
Mattress Length 200cm
Mattress Width 88cm
Mattress Depth 17.5cm
Minimum User Weight 40kg
Maximum User Weight 190.5kg
Mattress Type Alternating Air
Brands Apollo
Delivery Options 2 - 5 Days
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