Aids For The Elderly This Christmas

elderly at christmas

Christmas is a special and important time for everyone, but it can be a difficult for the elderly and disabled.

We wouldn’t want anyone to not experience the joys of putting decorations up, decorating the tree, watching Christmas carollers and attending a few Christmas markets to truly get you in the festive spirit.

There are many mobility aids for the elderly that can make a huge impact on how they spend their time during the jolly season.

We understand each individual is different, so they may need support in different areas of their life. Promoting choice and control for individuals with limited mobility helps improve self-esteem, confidence and freedom, and what better way to start than with mobility aids that are effective, affordable and easy to use?

The different types of walking aids

These can be used inside the home or outside of the home.

Walking frames – walking aids offer great stability and balance, which is why the heavy duty walking frame is on our list of best mobility aids. It is able to increase confidence in walking ability and technique. Essentially, it provides the right amount of support throughout the home.

Rollators – rollators tend to be more convenient for those who need additional support when they’re out and about. They offer many different features, such as storage space, seats, locking brakes, cable brakes and more. You can choose a mobility rollator with a basket or tray – they’re incredibly effective and perform well.

Lightweight wheelchairs – For comfort and independence, lightweight wheelchairs are the go to wheelchairs. Making daily activities much quicker and easier, it’s no wonder there has been an increase in wheelchair users in recent years. The Ranger Budget Steel Wheelchair is great value for money and is easy to pack and put away after use. Browse our wheelchair range for more information.

walking aids for the elderly

Most effective bathing aids

Bath lifters – With a bath lifter, they are designed to get individuals in and out of the bath safely and comfortably. With most bath lifters holding an impressive weight limit, it’s ideal for any person suffering from mobility issues.

Shower chairs – These are chairs designed for showering and washing. They are ideal for those who are unable to stand for long periods of time, making it easier and a more comfortable experience in the shower.

Hoists – There are a range of different bath hoists available, from manual to electric. Bath hoists offer a more comfortable and efficient way of bathing for those who have limited mobility. Designed with posture management in mind, it makes bathing much easier for the carer and for the individual.

bathing aids for the elderly

Elderly aids for bedding

Mattresses – Comfort is of the most importance to someone who has very limited mobility, which is why although elderly aids can be used to help with daily activities, there is specialist equipment designed to support the body when we sleep too! Also known as hospital bed mattresses, from foam mattresses to air mattresses, they are specifically manufacturer to support anyone and everyone.

Foam cushions – Foam cushions are a great way to reduce pressure sores and pressure ulcers for those who tend to sit for a long period of time. They can be used in bed or in chairs to provide the much needed support they are designed for. To learn more about foam cushions, visit here.

Promoting Independence at Christmas

All of the elderly aids and disabled aids above are able to help individuals every step of the way, whether you simply need a walking frame to support you at times throughout the house, or a wheelchair on day trips out, they significantly help better your life.

We know mobility aids won’t suddenly enable you to start climbing roofs and putting Christmas lights and decorations up, but they are proven to offer more independence and freedom. If you have any questions regarding the products we’ve mentioned in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to assist you in any way possible.