Caring For Your Mobility Scooter This Winter

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If you hadn’t already noticed we’re settling into the dark and very, very cold autumn season. So, we have the over excited Halloween lovers preparing for their time to shine, and the Christmas lovers, who are probably already learning hymns and prepping their angelic voices.

For the elderly, however, this season can be one of the hardest when it comes to getting enough physical activity and keeping warm. Because the days shorten and temperatures plummet, it makes it even easier for seniors to isolate themselves and stay inside where they know they’re safe. Mobility scooters are great for promoting independence and freedom, so it’s important to make sure it’s well taken care of. You know the saying goes – if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Keep It Clean

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Mobility scooters play an important role in people’s lives who have limited mobility, they’re easy to operate and prevent injuries. So, when the rain decides to greet us (although we’re used to it), keeping the mobility scooter in a safe and dry space increases the lifespan of it’s components.

Electric mobility scooters can be severely damaged if it’s left out in the rain. The same rule applies to the general cleanliness after use. Keeping it clean will only take around 5 quick minutes, and by doing so it reduces and prevents potential issues in the long run. Check out a few helpful tips for cleaning your mobility scooter, it’ll work wonders for your machine.

Invest In Mobility Covers

Mobility covers protect your scooter if you don’t have appropriate or suitable shelter to protect it from external factors. In colder temperatures, your battery might not perform as well which is why taking the steps to keep the scooter sheltered is important for optimal performance. Don’t worry, mobility scooter covers won’t break the bank either! On Amazon, you can grab yourself one for under £20!

Battery & Charging

Most mobility scooter batteries have an average lifespan of up to 18 months to 2 years. This, of course, does depend on usage and it’s care. The scooter should be charged up fully each time before use because nothing would be worse than it losing it’s battery halfway through your trip. To ensure your mobility scooter is in good shape, it’s worth having it serviced and checked over before the winter season, as you’ll be using it quite regularly to get you out and about. This is a simple but beneficial way of caring for your mobility scooter.

Check Your Mobility Scooter Tyres

Most of us give our cars a check over each month, so that includes checking the water, brake fluid, oil, and tyres. Luckily for mobility scooter owners, all you have to do is check the tyres! In wet and slippery conditions, it’s important to check the tyre pressure and look for signs of wear and tear. If tyres are not fully inflated or have an effective grip, the likelihood of an accident increases. It’s best to be safe, even if you think safety steps and maintenance checks are not necessary.

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Regular Servicing & Maintenance Checks

We’ve briefly mentioned servicing and maintenance checks for your mobility scooter throughout this article and we recommend having servicing checks annually. Professional engineers check the control module, castors, steering, the battery, lights, chargers and much more.

Mobility scooters are an investment worth protecting and there is a range available to meet various requirements. With many physical benefits and mental health benefits, it’s no wonder there has been significant growth in sales. In 2014, a market study showed us that there were a total of 300,000 – 350,000 mobility scooter users, so we hope during that period they were taking care of them properly!

If you require further assistance when it comes to mobility scooters, don’t hesitate to further browse our site or get in touch with us.