Get To Know Shelden: Rental Offers

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Shelden Healthcare is specialists in hospital equipment and rental. Since 2005, we have constantly strived to provide nothing but excellence to the health sector, including the NHS, private care homes, private customers and care home groups.

We possess a real passion for quality care and support for individuals who need it the most, no matter your location. Ultimately, we’re here to ensure your life is easier and much more comfortable. We offer a diverse range of medical equipment to assist with mobility and comfort issues so whether you’re searching for hospital beds, recliner chairs, hoists and plenty more, we can help.

Why rent?

Renting reduces the amount of hassle and stress you may face purchasing medical equipment, especially if you know you’ll only use it a few times. It is perfectly suited for those who require items for the short term, as it’s cost-effective, reliable and well, stress-free. In most cases, individuals choose to rent hospital equipment for 1 or 2 weeks to recover when coming out of the hospital, or even longer to spread the cost more and get the most out of their money which is sensible.

Try before you buy or rent

saturn apollo chair bed

We would want to know how a product performed before buying or renting it and you should too! The ‘Try Before You Buy/Rent’ allows you to try the product before you actually purchase it to ensure you have the right product for your recovery.

Let’s take the Apollo Saturn Rotational Chair Bed, for example, an electrically powered profiling chair bed designed to improve mobility for patients and clients – rather expensive hospital equipment such as this should be tried and tested so you know how it feels before making the leap to purchase in full or rent it.

From our experience, every individual’s body is different which means how we take care of it and what we use to take care of it is different too.

The benefits of renting

  • No responsibility for servicing or maintenance
  • Rental means it’s delivered, professionally set up and then collected when you no longer require it
  • Rental includes breakdown cover to give you peace of mind
  • When you hire a hoist, you automatically receive a sling with it at no extra cost
  • When you hire a bed, the mattress is included
  • Quick rental – 3 working days delivery but we are able to deliver on same day weekends

Shelden Rental Offers

shelden healthcare rental offers
Hospital Bed Rentals – All hospital beds are supplied with a high-density foam mattress catered to your requirements. Our range of beds available for rentals are reliable designs that are able to make your recovery journey a lot comfier.

Hospital Bed Mattress Rentals – We provide a wide variety of bed mattresses for rental. From foam, air, and hybrid mattresses. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to find the most suitable one for your needs.

Hoisting and Slings Rentals – Hoisting and slings are great handling aids designed to help with the mobility of individuals.

Wheelchairs, Seating & Mobility Rental – Wheelchairs, seating, and mobility aids greatly help transport individuals who have limited mobility.

Bariatric Rentals – Bariatric equipment is designed for bigger and heavier individuals. From bariatric beds, hoists and more.

Furniture Rentals – If you’re looking for comfortable, cost-effective recliner chairs, whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we have well designed and stylish chairs to suit any type of person.

Medical Equipment Rentals – Medical equipment consists of nebulisers and portable suction machines. We understand medical equipment may be out of your budget range, especially for private customers which is why we’ve included them in our rental scheme.

"I was recently asked why our quote was half the price of a competitor. I said it’s because we are here to make a sensible profit whilst meeting customer’s requirements. We were recently asked to deliver a bed to wales other companies refused as it wasn’t worth their while. We got a call this Wednesday asking if we could deliver a bed to Glasgow on Saturday morning. We said yes and it will be delivered by 9am and set up by our technician". Dean Greenwood - Managing Director at Shelden Healthcare.

Renting hospital and medical equipment is a much easier and simpler process for individuals, especially for short term users. It’s no doubt that it is a worthwhile investment we suggest you take advantage of. Please don’t hesitate to browse our rental offers and if you have specific requirements, call us!