Gift Ideas For Your Elderly Loved Ones This Christmas

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We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift

Especially for an older relative or an old friend, but the festive season is a great way to show someone just how much you love them. Having seen it all before, you need to go above and beyond to find something they will truly appreciate. So, we’ve compiled a list based on gifts that people really want, so we hope it gives you some inspiration and motivation to get your Christmas list sorted!

What Do Old People Want?

As age advances, the glamour and clamour can lose its appeal, and we are left valuing timeless concepts that withstand the flow of trends and fashions. At any age, its nice to feel noticed and included, and this is amplified with retirement from work, inability to pursue share interests and sadly loved ones can drift away, so companionship gifts for old people are most important. As the responsibilities of youth fade, time becomes abundant, and what better way to spend it than on an existing or new interest that brings joy to an old heart. Perhaps the only better way would be with a gift that brings back the sense of purpose that came from playing a bigger part in society through work and family. You might also want to get them a gift that keeps them healthy, or something simply fun. All are great choices and sure to bring happiness to someone who has spent a lifetime bringing happiness to you and others.



A Holiday
Take them to the place they’ve always wanted to visit, or back to the country they always tell you about. This will be a fond memory both of you cherish for the rest of your lives.

A Day out
If a full blown holiday is out of the question, a day out, whether its high tea, or a trip to a museum will be a similarly great experience for a fraction of the price.

A Meal
Whether they are a bit of a foodie or just miss eating out regularly, a nice meal at a great restaurant is sure to satisfy their appetite for your company.

Keeping in contact
Priceless but more valuable than anything, staying in touch with someone lets them know you care all year round, not just at Christmas. It just costs a bit of your time.

Vouchers for personal favours
With paper and pens, you can make some homemade vouchers for anything from shopping trips to massages, what do you think they would like?

Sponsor a child / animal in their name
A charitable sponsorship to a child or animal will spread the cost over the year, and keep them updated on their new friends progress, warming their heart with each correspondence.



Readers will cherish a new volume, but a stack of books might be better for a time rich pensioner.

Gift cards
Ideally one they can use at their favourite shop. Cash is a bit heartless but a gift card shows you know what they like.

Existing Interests
Whether they are a seasoned golf pro or budding artist, there’s always gifts in all price ranges for every interest.

New interests

Never too old to start something new, get them an introductory kit and watch them master the art.


Photo album
A blank photo album to fill with cherished memories.

Family tree
A stylised photo album shaped like a tree, for their biggest accomplishment, their family.

They can find out their family history and tell you all about it.

For their life story.

A New Skill
Getting them an introductory book and some materials for a skill such as knitting will give them a meaningful pursuit, creating all kinds of things for their loved ones.

Existing Skill

Get that master baker a new rolling pin! Or more yarn for the notorious giver of scarves.



Mobility Equipment
We know that as you get older, our health and fitness levels aren’t as good as they used to be. A range of mobility equipment is available to further enhance and promote more independence with mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, rollators and more.

Membership to a club
Most clubs come at a cost, and a year’s membership might be the perfect gift for grandparents to keep them fit and healthy.

Helping You Find The Perfect Gifts For Elderly Loved Ones

Here at Shelden Healthcare, we are committed to caring for the elderly, and our whole team puts a lot of time and effort into selecting gifts for our loved ones, so this article is very close to our hearts.

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