Maintaining Independence with Mobile Patient Hoists & Stand Aids

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Maintaining independence and mobility is very important for the well being of loved ones at home.

Preventing harm to loved ones/carers at home or to nursing care staff is also the secondary objective for handling aids. Equipment for maintaining independence varies from a simple handling belt right through to a mobile patient lifting hoist or ceiling track hoist. Establishing or assessing the level of support an individual requires and then providing the right equipment can be daunting for the carer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with choosing the most appropriate moving and handling equipment.

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Handling Belts

Handling belts are a cost effective solution in assisting the mobile patient that may just need minimal assistance and support during standing and transfer. Fastened around the waist in the form of a padded belt they allow a carer to hold or support a client without grabbing clothing or skin. They come in a range of sizes and offer different levels of padding and support.

Rota Stands and Patient Turners

Rota stands, otherwise known as patient turners offer the next level of assistance and have been designed to allow a user who can weight bear to transfer safely and securely using the assistance of one carer or relative from one seated position to another. Typically from bed to wheelchair or chair to toilet etc. The Rota Stand’s frame features an adjustable height, a foot pedal break to secure the stand and a shin pad to provide optimum safety during transfers. The Rota stand assists the patient to stand then turn through a 90 degree arc then transfer back into a wheelchair or toilet etc. Rota stands are ideal for all types of users who can weight bear but need more assistance than just a handling belt, particularly in the turning or transfer once standing.

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Stand Aids

Stand Aid hoists offer that next level of support for the user with more limited mobility and for the client that finds standing difficult without assistance but can still weight bear once in that standing position. Typically stand aids are powered by a rechargeable battery and assist the patient to stand with the touch of a button and then transfer. This not only assists the client to stand and transfer effortlessly but prevents the carer from back injury or harm. Promoting and encouraging movement gives users with limited mobility the confidence and freedom to stand reducing the complications of immobility such as chest infections, depression and swollen legs. Stand aids are able to reduce the strain that is put on both the user and a carer. Maximum comfort, support and protection are used throughout, making it a smooth and efficient process for both parties involved.

When the level of mobility decreases and the individual loses the ability to stand and bear weight, the carer or family member may need to consider using a mobile electric patient hoist and sling. This type of product removes the need for the patient effort but the down side to this is it may further reduce the independence of the individual. Often patient hoists are used in a care setting or nursing home to provide safe, quick, dignified and comfortable transfers for patients whom have no mobility.

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Hoists are a very popular piece of equipment that can be found in all care home settings, domestic settings and hospitals. Just like any other standing aid, hoists are able to transfer individuals who suffer from limited mobility. They provide greater flexibility and can be invaluable, especially to disabled and elderly individuals.

The two types of hoists are: manual and electric hoists. A manual hoist usually uses a winding mechanism or a hand pump which operates a hydraulic cylinder to raise or lower the patient. Electrical hoists are now the standard choice now powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

A mobile patient hoists primary function in conjunction with a patient lifting sling is to lift and transfer and immobile patient who cannot stand safely with dignity and preventing injury to the carer from a hospital bed to wheelchair or commode. Or from a wheelchair to an easy chair or riser recliner chair.

Electric patient lifting hoists come in a range of types. The Invacare birdie range is very popular as they are designed to fold so can be placed in the boot of a car or even taken on Holiday. Supplied in two sizes a compact and full size version.

For care home settings consideration when choosing a patient hoist consideration of several factors. Can the hoist lift a patient from the floor? Can the hoist lift the client high enough to transfer from wheelchair to a hospital bed. Can the mobile hoist lift a range of patients of different weights and heights and is it robust enough to carry out lifting in a care setting for several years. We supply the market leading Oxford Midi 180 electric patient hoist.

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Slings are used with hoists and stand aids to achieve an effective and smooth transition from one place to another. They provide transfer support when carers need it the most and ultimately reduce the strain of manual transfers, as well as potential risks and injuries. There are a diverse range of slings, including toileting slings, bathing slings, comfort hoist slings, and stand aid slings. These are all used differently depending on the mobility severity of a user or patient. The come in a range of sizes from extra small to xxl and a range of fabrics. Our spacer fabric slings from Invacare offer high degrees of comfort whilst our net slings can be used for bathing and showering as they dry quickly. Standard polyester slings from Select Healthcare Locomotor Range provide a cost effective solution.

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Maintaining independence essentially means maintaining better quality of life. With the right encouragement, support and mobility aids for patients, it can have a significant impact on mood, stress and mental well being. Every single mobility aid is designed with the patient in mind, and it's the focus to provide nothing but quality, comfort and independence. If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we'd be more than happy to assist you in your requirements.