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A toilet commode chair is designed to accommodate both the user and carer. Our range of commode chairs is perfect for those suffering from limited mobility and are highly transportable and convenient to use anywhere in the home.

All of our commode chair products are designed to be easy to clean and very hygienic in order to aid infection control.

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Commode Chair Toilet Guide & FAQ

Commode toilets are a vital piece of care equipment for those suffering from incontinence either temporarily or permanently. We aim to provide the best on the market and are always happy to help you choose the right one for your specific needs. We understand the benefit of being able to talk to a professional in confidence when choosing sensitive equipment such as commode chair toilets, so our friendly experts sit by the phone, ready to help and answer any questions. You can call us to discuss commode toilets or any of our other products, e.g. questions about ease of use, height adjustable products, commode pan queries and so forth.

How do you empty a bedside commode?

Most bedside commode chairs, provide a convenient pop-up handle for removing the seat and contents of the commode pan. Simply squeeze or pull these handles up until they disengage from the frame of the toilet and lift them off. Now you can remove the waste with your hands or, if it is more comfortable for you, use a plastic bag to pick up and dispose of them in any extra wide container that is lined with kitty litter to help mask odors. You may need an extra pair of hands at this point since most bedside commodes are not stable enough to deal with alone. Once you have emptied out any left over liquids in order to minimize messes, replace all parts back where it belongs.

How should you clean the commode chair?

The use of disinfectants or other chemical products can compromise the effectiveness of the material with which your commode chair is made. The best way to clean up anything that might have been spilled on a plastic commode chair, then, is to use a damp cloth. Wipe down both sides and in all crevices before wiping down again with a dry cloth. This should be enough for most messes except those involving bodily fluids or exceptionally sticky items such as adhesive tape residue or chewing gum. These things are very likely to require even more cleaning power than could be supplied by just wipes and sponges.

Can a commode go over a toilet?

Yes, with proper installation. A commode chair is a toilet itself, and it may be installed in place of the standard toilet seat without any problems. The only difficulty arises when you want a flushable commode chair but still need to conserve space with your existing bathroom or space requirements for the toilets.

Generally speaking, if you're looking for a new commode chair for smaller spaces, contact professional plumbing firms that are qualified in designing and installing very small low profile home or public restroom facilities with "the entire package," which includes: appropriate plumbing fittings; fixtures (i.e., bathtub pans); and toilet seats.

Why is a bedside commode chair needed?

Bedside commodes help with urgency of the bowels and bladder, and it can be a lifesaver to have one when you are bedridden.

If you are disabled or sick for an extended period of time in the hospital or at home, it is best to use a bedside commode than have to hobble off somewhere else every time nature calls. It's easily accessible if needed as well. The only downside is that they're more difficult to clean than toilets, but not really too much more difficult when just keeping in mind everything should be cleaned every day anyway--as long as there's someone nearby who will sweep out crumbs regularly while going about their daily life.

How easy is it to transport a commode chair?

It all depends on the person's physical capabilities. In general, they're relatively easy to transport because of their compact size. The high weight capacity, foldable design with a height adjustable handle, and stable wheel base make them as easy to use as shopping carts. As a result many people buy commode chairs (with a commode pan) specifically for vacations because it is easier than packing and hauling around an oversized chair or wheelchair while traveling - and don't worry about that tight fit in the airport bathroom stall either! One tip would be looking to see if the chair comes with any type of carrying bag/pouch you can use when needing something more discreet like for traveling on planes or trains.