Bariatric Beds

Our range of bariatric beds offers carers the easy to use equipment they need to care for larger patients efficiently and safely. Bariatric beds, or heavy duty profiling beds, usually have several important features such as a grab rail (otherwise known as safety rails), lifting poles and heavy duty bed frames. These assist the patient with mobility as it the rails help the patient with bed exit.

Bariatric beds are made from components that possess aesthetic quality as well as providing a comfortable and safe place for a patient to relax and get a great night’s sleep. At Shelden, we stock a generous selection to meet any bariatric patient's needs. We understand how important comfort is, so be sure to browse below to find the right one for you. Alternatively, please call us if you require further assistance.

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Did You Know: The term 'Bariatric' originated from 2 Greek words. These were 'Baros' meaning weight, and 'Iatrics' meaning treatment. It's believed it was first used in 1965 to refer to a branch of medicine that studies ways in which to prevent and treat obesity.

What are bariatric beds for?

Bariatric beds for professional care environments are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the heavier patient. The beds must accommodate higher patient weight demands, while also being wider in width to meet the needs of user. Depending on the situation it may be wise to consider transportation racks for your bariatric patient to assist with bed exit.

Our range of bariatric beds is designed to provide superior safety and comfort for both patient and caregiver. We also stock a large variety of bariatric mattresses which can be used in conjunction with these beds. Discover the full range below to find the right one for you.