Rental Offers

We offer a range of rental options on a selection of our products. Please find below a table for all of our current rental offers.
*Delivery charges are based on a three working day delivery. Hire costs are based on a one week period. All hospital beds are supplied with an appropriate high density foam mattress. All Hoists are supplied with an appropriate sling. For more pricing information please get in touch.

Product Name Type Delivery charge Weekly Hire Cost
1100 Car transit wheelchair From £8 From £20
1000 Self Propel Wheelchair From £8 From £20
Glide About Commode Commode From £8 From £20
Aqua Shower Chair Shower Chair From £8 From £20
Single Pump Suction Machine Suction Machine From £8 From £50
3a Mini rechargeable Aspirator Suction Machine Portable From £8 From £55
Happyneb Nebuliser From £8 From £20
Birdie Hoist Standard Hoist 180kg From £95 From £80
Birdie Compact Hoist Folding Hoist 150kg From £95 From £80
RPS 350 Stand Aid Stand Aid Hoist From £95 From £80
Invacare Medley Standard homecare Bed From £95 From £95
Invacare Medley Low Low homecare Bed From £95 From £120
Nexus Pro Bario Bariatric 120cm Wide Bed From £95 From £150
Hermes 250kg Bariatric 250kg Hoist From £95 From £119
Apollo Saturn Saturn Rotating Bed From £95 From £220
Softform Premier Foam Mattress 90cm wide From £95 From £45
Stellar Hybrid Hybrid Mattress 90cm wide From £95 From £115
Comet High Risk Alternating Air Mattress 90cm wide From £95 From £115
Star Very High Risk Alternating Mattress 90cm From £95 From £120
Dynamic Bariatric Alternating Air Mattress 120cm wide From £95 From £190
Theraflo Low Air Loss Mattress 90cm Wide From £95 From £160
Theraflo 120cm Low Air Loss Mattress 120cm Wide From £95 From £190
Cursa Alternating Air cushion & Pump From £95 From £60
Combo Rechargeable battery Alternating Cushion & Pump From £95 From £80
Willow Riser Recliner Chair Standard From £95 From £80

All products listed above are supplied with full servicing and breakdown cover.
If you would like to know any more information about a product listed above or about delivery and pricing call us on: 0800 014 8672.