Patient Hoists

Patient hoists, slings and patient handling aids are designed to make it possible for a carer to transfer someone who has limited mobility or no mobility at all to move freely from one location to another. Our range of hoists include mobile hoists, bath hoists, standing hoists, bariatric hoists and more. They are able to provide a secure method of patient transfer whilst protecting staff and minimising injury caused by poor manual handling.

Patient slings are designed to work in conjunction with hoists to ensure the transportation of patients is a much easier task. It reduces potential injuries and accidents for both parties. We stock stand aid slings and hoist slings which are both used in regards to transferring patients.

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Hoists buying guide & FAQs

Helping families, care facilities and individuals find the right care hoist is something that can really make a difference in an individual’s life and this is something we care very deeply about.

In order to find the right care solution, you must first understand the kind of hoists you require.

Different Types of Hoists

Patient hoists most commonly fall into three categories:

Stand assist hoists are designed to help the individual who can weight bear to stand and transfer, for example, from the bed to a chair or toilet.

Patient lifting hoists are designed for an individual that cannot stand and requires lifting to aid transfer.

Ceiling track systems are ceiling mounted and are designed to offer:

  • Higher lifting capacity
  • Unobtrusive lifting with no mobile hoist when not in use
  • Transfer from one room to another

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Lifting Hoist

When choosing a lifting hoist, consideration needs to be made for certain features, such as:

  • Is the hoist for single person use at home or is it a robust hoist that’s required for care home use for a range of users?
  • Physical size of the hoist and its storage when not in use?
  • Choosing a lift that has the correct maximum user weight for the user
  • The lifting range of the hoists. Do you need the hoist to lift from the floor?
  • Do you require hydraulic or rechargeable battery powered?
  • Are you using the hoist on carpets or vinyl/laminate type floor?
  • And finally your budget…

When choosing hoists consideration must also be given to the sling required, without a sling none of these lifting products can be used.

When should a hoist be used?

A mobile hoist should be used when an individual requires additional assistance to mobilise due to limited mobility. This reduces potential injury to themselves by providing a safe and comfortable transfer for example from bed to a chair placing them in a seated position. Using a hoist will help to protect carers from injury caused by poor manual handling and lack of lifting equipment.

What to check before using a hoist?

The hoist should be checked each time it is used. It is important that a compatible sling is used that is suitable for the patients needs and activities. Please refer to the product user manual for full details.

What should you do after using a hoist?

After using the hoist place it on charge to ensure that it will always be ready for use in the care environment.

Can you hoist someone from the floor?

The following hoists have the lifting capacity to lift patients from the floor: Invacare Birdie Evo Compact, Invacare Birdie Compact, Invacare folding hoist, Powerlifter midi and maxi, Oxford Midi and Mini, Casa lift, Oxford Advance folding hoist, Oxford Stature hoist.

How often should hoists be cleaned?

Regular cleaning and disinfection enhances smooth operation, increases the service life and prevents contamination. Clean and disinfect the product regularly whilst in use, before and after any service procedure, if it has been in contact with any bodily fluids, before using it for a new user. Use an ordinary household cleaning agent with water up to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade using a wet cloth. Dry using a soft cloth. Refer to the manufacturers user manual for full cleaning instruction.

How are ceiling track hoists fitted?

We do not supply or fit ceiling hoists

How do you place an order?

To place an order for a hoist go to elect your product of choice and delivery option, you can then go onto making a payment. If you require help you can us on 01788 833294 between 8am -5pm Mon-Fri

How long does delivery take?

There are various delivery options. For further information can be found on

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy can be found on

Did You Know: At Shelden Healthcare we have over 32 types of patient handling slings available in a range of fabrics to include standard polyester. Mesh slings for bathing and spacer fabric slings that offer high degrees of comfort. We offer sizes from small up to xxl in a range of styles to assist with tasks such as bathing, toileting, showering and transferring from a bed to a wheelchair or commode. We have a range of slings available for a variety of patient hoists, just take a browse through our selection or alternatively, give us a call and we can assist you in your requirements.