Electric Beds

If you, a loved one or a patient is struggling to get in and out of bed, or frequently suffers from or poor’s night's sleep, then our range of electric hospital beds could be precisely what you need. Electric hospital beds are designed to ease discomfort and improve sleep quality, while also allowing the user to enter and exit the bed with ease. They are extremely common in hospitals and care homes, as they meet the needs for patients compared to standard beds.

We have a range available that accommodate any user's needs, so whether you're looking for a low care bed to help with mobility and reduce the risk of injury due to falls, or a deluxe design to give you that extra bit of space and comfort - we've got it!

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Electric adjustable beds

There are many different types of hospital beds. Electric hospital beds are the most commonly used and most popular. These are electric adjustable beds that have buttons on the side rails and these are able to raise and lower the bed to different positions. Many electric adjustable beds now come with built in side rails to prevent the patient from falling out of the bed. This ensures that the electric adjustable bed adheres to side rail regulations that need to be followed with certain patients, as well as preventing accidental injuries.