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Our specialist seating range is designed for those who have unique and complex needs that need to be met. We believe that everyone should have access to great ergonomics, no matter the shape, size or requirements. The specialist seating we stock is made from the highest quality with comfort built in mind.

At Shelden Healthcare, we know that a chair should allow the user to have their hip joints and knee joints bent at 90°, with feet resting flat on the floor. This essentially allows the weight to be distributed evenly through the buttocks and thighs, rather than it focusing on the pelvic area which is a common issue.

Poor seating can lead to increased pain throughout the body, which in return can potentially lead to decreased mobility, Independence and freedom. Take a look at our specialist seating and specialist chairs below to find your ideal seating. If you require further information about any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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