Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet

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The ALT-E003 Alerta Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is intended to be placed permanently underneath an alternating air mattress ready to be used for transporting a user to safety during an evacuation. Alerta’s Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is suitable for both Overlay and Replacement air mattress systems.

In the event of an evacuation, the sheet enables the whole
mattress to be turned into an evacuation sledge. The flexible and
slippery underneath will allow controlled and easy access through
doorways and downstairs.
This device benefits from a generous foot protector sheet for
extra user security during evacuation, convenient access slots for
CPR and air tubes so the air mattress functionality is not interfered
with, and soft material to allow uninterrupted pressure relief in
normal use.
The user is evacuated by placing the foot protector sheet over
their feet / lower legs, strapping the user in over their chest and
legs but with their arms over the top, removing the air tubes from
the pump and applying the transport cap, then pulled to a safe
zone using 2 people; 1 person at the foot, pulling, and 1 person at
the head, guiding

> Fits Overlay’s and Deepcell Replacement
air mattresses 200cm long x 90cm wide
> Top and bottom air
mattress retainer pockets
> Access slots for CPR and air tubes
> Foot protector sheet for user
security during evacuation
> Securing straps to help
hold user in place
> Head and Foot longer straps
for use during evacuation
> You need two people to operate
this device: 1 person at the foot, pulling,
and 1 person at the head, guiding

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