Alerta Evacuation Sledge

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VAT exemption

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Designed to enable a patient to be assisted down stairs by one or two people, this Evacuation Sledge is made from a dual density foam. The base layer is tough and hard-wearing, able to absorb minor impacts and scuffs, and it is covered with a low friction material that will slide over common floor surfaces such as carpet, tiles, concrete and stairs. The top layer is much softer and more comfortable, so it keeps the user protected. The user is kept safe by means of safety belts and a strong pocket at the foot end, which prevents sliding out of the sledge. The sledge has straps at either end for one or two to use. When not required, the sledge can be kept in its own pouch and hung from a door or wall.

The Alerta Evacuation Sledge is used for transporting a user to safety during an evacuation. The user is placed on the sledge, secured with the chest and leg straps and pulled to safety using the straps at each end. The flexible sledge and slippery underneath will allow controlled and easy access through doorways and downstairs. Max user weight is 200KG. 12 month warranty.
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