Top 4 Best Hospital Beds in 2018

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In the last few years, hospital beds have been driven by innovative designs and technology

in order to provide maximum support and comfort to it’s users. With an ageing population and a higher risk of pressure sores and other potential injuries, it’s absolutely crucial that patients experience the best care possible, which means the most suitable and quality equipment available.

What defines a good hospital bed, though? Well, one in which provides a safe environment for the patient, is efficient, easy to use and reduces injuries not only to the patient, but to carers and other users too. Promoting health and safety, independence and reducing accidents continues to be the main focus for the elderly and disabled. We’ve already had a look at the importance of mobility aids, now we’re about to dive into the world of the best hospital beds this year.

Before we share our top 5 hospital beds, it’s best to know the type of beds which are available and what kind of patients they suit best.

The Types of Hospital Beds

Electric adjustable beds – Adjustable beds boast convenience and simplicity to those with limited mobility. They are designed to reduce pain and discomfort and therefore improve sleep quality. The user should find getting in and exiting the bed is a lot easier than a standard bed.

Low profile beds – Low profile beds improve postural support and offer an increased clinical benefit. They improve the safety of users and carers.

Rotating chair beds – Rotating chair beds have become increasingly popular because of their technology and convenience. They are designed for users with very limited or no mobility at all. The bed itself can be rotated and turned into a chair that allows the user to get in and out of the bed without causing harm to themselves or others.

Bariatric beds – Larger patients face a higher risk of falls and accidents; however effective bed management can make a great difference in safety. Bariatric beds are specifically designed to cater to heavier patients, offering much needed comfort and ease.

Top Performing Hospital Beds

#1 – The Apollo Saturn Rotational Chair Bed
An electric, rotational chair bed that significantly improves independence and freedom for users. Thanks to Apollo, transferring and assisting patients and users just became a lot easier. For those who suffer from limited mobility and to reduce the risk of bed sores, the Apollo Saturn chair bed is a hospital bed worth the investment.

apollo saturn rotational chair bed

#2 – Drive Medical Ultra Light Electric Bed
The drive medical ultra-light electric bed is a cost effective, efficient hospital bed that is commonly used in care home settings or at home. The lightweight construction is durable and useful when it comes to transferring patients from one location to another. The height of the bed ranges from 12 -19.5 inches, it lowers between 4 – 10.5 inches off the ground which allows extra safety for the patient.

Drive Medical Ultra Light Electric Bed

#3 – Invacare Accent Hospital Bed
Invacare is the leading manufacturer of hospital beds and other healthcare equipment. The accent hospital bed is an affordable and effective creation from the top brand, and we can see why it’s a popular among hospitals and residential care homes.

The Invacare accent profiling bed has been designed using only the highest quality components in order to ensure durability, functionality and performance. The accent bed is slightly longer than standard beds and the remote control allows for height adjustment which is crucial for mobility.

invacare accent profiling bed

#4 – Encore Bariatric Bed
The Encore bariatric bed accommodates for larger patients. The overall design features an attractive walnut finish, with comfort and safety being the most important feature. The bed is 120cm wide and has the maximum capacity of 250kg. The Encore bariatric bed can be found more in hospitals and residential care homes; however they can be used in the home.

encore bariatric bed

Those are are our top 5 hospital beds of 2018. There are various hospital beds which serve different purposes to users, so if you’re on the look out for a bed that matches your requirements, please browse through our range today, or alternatively, get in touch with us and we’d love to assist you in finding the right one.