Star II Plus Dynamic Mattress

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  • The Star II PLUS Dynamic PAC System is a 120cm wide mattress with a maximum user weight of 350kg.
  • The fully automatic mattress replacement system allows for easy set up and use.
  • The benefits include easy troubleshooting for rectifying issues quickly. The pressure monitoring technology ensures the pump is extremely quiet in use, for exceptional patient comfort.

The Star II Plus is a dynamic mattress replacement system designed for the plus-size patient, combining two therapies dynamic and continuous low pressure. Both therapies provide pressure redistribution promoting both immersion and envelopment of the patient into the surface minimising high peak pressures under vulnerable areas of the patients skin.


The Star II Plus can accommodate patients up to a weight limit of 350kg and assessed to be up to very high risk of developing pressure ulcers/injuries or have existing tissue damage up to category IV. The Star II Plus dynamic mattress is simple to set up and use to minimise any potential user error. This is supported in the results from the multi-site evaluations. There is a choice of Soft, Medium and Firm comfort settings to optimise patient comfort.


It has a low noise level reducing patient disturbance, especially at night. The system is easy to clean and prepare for the next patient. Both the mattress and the pump are modular in design, so the components can be replaced very easily. The Cursa Bariatric dynamic cushion can be used alongside the Star II Plus system, providing 24-hour care.

Mattress Specification:

  • Risk Category: Very High Risk
  • Max Patient Weight: 350KG
  • Cells: 20
  • Static underlay: yes 
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Depth: 210mm
  • Cable management: yes 
  • Easy CPR release: yes 

Pump Specification:

  • Inflation cycle: 1 in 2 (10 minutes)
  • Auto-lock: yes 
  • Power failure alarm: yes 
  • Product weight: 4kg 
  • Warranty: 3 years 
  • Pump modes: Dynamic, constant low pressure and maximum inflate 
  • Rapid inflation: yes
More Information
At Risk ScoreVery High Risk
Bed Width120cm
BrandsIQ Medical
Category of Pressure Ulcer4
Mattress TypeAlternating Air
Maximum User Weight210kg to 300kg
Next Day DeliveryYes
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