Transfer Stand Assist Sling

VAT exemption

VAT exemption

Put simply, VAT exemption allows chronically sick or disabled people to buy eligible items at 0% rather than 20% VAT - thus saving them a significant amount of money. It is normally far easier to claim this exemption when buying online. Online shops, like ourselves, are set up to allow you to answer simple questions, in the comfort of your own home. High Street retailers are generally not.

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Our new sling range has been designed to provide a safe, supportive and comfortable transfer for the client. The range provides options for various models, sizes and fabrics to ensure the sling fits perfectly to each person, whether they have some mobility impairment or require full body and head support. Our team of experts and occupational therapists have spent time ensuring the slings are intuitive and easy to handle for the carer. This leads to reduced application times and improved confidence. The range consists of fifteen models, each in up to six sizes and up to three fabric options to choose from. This impressive selection ensures there is a sling suitable for everyone and for every use; daily transfer from bed to wheelchair/armchair, a toilet transfer or even for showering or bathing.

Transfer Stand Assist
• Suitable for clients with some
weight bearing ability but
cannot stand independently
• Client should be coherent,
have good body and head
• It’s well-padded for extra
• Comes with a non-slip
material on the back
• Comes
with additional leg support

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