Stellar Hybrid Mattress

VAT exemption

VAT exemption

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Key Features

  • Removable top cover to aid cleaning and decontamination
  • Dartex top cover and base to prevent pooling and increase MVTR
  • Carrying handles to aid moving & handling
  • Cable management
  • Stellar Hybrid FiC Cushion Connector to drive seated PAC for 24hr care
  • 3 specifically designed foam sections for head, body and feet, for effective pressure re-distribution

IQ Medical’s Stellar Hybrid FiC (Foam-inside-Cell) system is a dynamic alternating mattress replacement system combining high specification static foam technology integrated inside powered, alternating, air cells to create a highly effective pressure ulcer prevention system that can be used with, or without, a pump.

When used without the pump, the Stellar Hybrid FiC offers a pressure reducing surface for protection to patients at risk of developing a pressure ulcer, at the same level as a high-density foam mattress.

However, should a patient’s condition necessitate a higher level of protection, then the simple addition of a Stellar Hybrid FiC pump will convert the system into a powered alternating mattress replacement, making it suitable for those considered to be up to ‘Very High Risk’ of developing a pressure ulcer.

The ‘Foam-inside-Cell’ structure provides an exceptionally comfortable and stable support surface for the patient, whilst delivering highly effective pressure sore prevention.

- Exceptional levels of comfort in both static and powered modes

- Whisper-quiet pump

- Simplicity of set-up

- Easy to clean and decontaminate

- Pump and mattress Made in the UK

- Reliable and high-quality manufacture

- Comprehensive warranty

- Maximum user weight 250kg when powered

‘- Flexi-Foam’ edges for ease of use on profiling beds

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